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    Procrastination and curiosity are and have always been two key driving forces in my life. At the risk of sounding both naive and simplistic, I firmly believe that the Internet proposes one of the most efficient means to deal with present and future challenges faced by the human society as long as we encourage, guarantee and develop a technology that remains open, transparent and neutral.more

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What is a hacker? Nowadays, for most people, a hacker is a programmer. This definition is not entirely accurate. A hacker is before everything an individual who seeks to solve problems, sometimes complex, by finding the simplest possible way. Hacking is about being innovative and creative whenever a problem has to be solved. Computer languages ​​are therefore tools and not the very function of the hacker.

Note that hackers often have a pejorative image, mainly due to media that tend to mix up crackers and hackers. Hacking is a culture, or even a community, whose common values ​​are "open source", "net neutrality", democracy and a fairly libertarian view of society, while crackers are often wannabe hackers who use existing applications to break into systems. To quote Eric S. Raymond, hackers build things while crackers break them.

Interests & Life Goals

The Internet of Things represents IMO the most natural and promising way of blurring further the borders between online and offline interactions. I'm really keen in developing tools and platforms that will rest on those technologies in order to simplify our lives. Besides, I'm also planning to go to Mars one day and to participate in the development of the first mass-produced humanoid robot ;-)


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  • XpressYoo

    Coming soon
  • xpressyoo.com

    A smarter centralized rating system that makes online reputation portable and reliable.
  • Gmelius™

    April 2012
  • gmelius.com - Wikipedia article

    Gmelius is a cross-browser extension that proposes a better and cleaner Gmail™ inbox. Gmelius has been featured in top technology news sites such as TechCrunch, Lifehacker, MakeUseOf, PC Magazine, and counts around 200k daily active users.
  • Email Obfuscator

    January 2012
  • rot13.florianbersier.com - featured on Wikipedia

    An easy-to-use substitution cipher that encrypts via ROT13 email addresses to avoid them getting harvested by spam-bots while keeping the mailto: feature. It rests on JavaScript and includes a pure CSS fallback.

Portfolio website featuring non-personal projects available on Behance.

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